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Best Student Film - Southern Oasis Film
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Director                                                          Justin T. Malone

Genre(s)                                                          Thriller, Drama

Runtime                                           13 minutes, 50 seconds

Aspect Ratio                                                                       2.35:1

Edited in                                                         Adobe Premiere

Shot on                                                                    Canon C300

Produced by                                                Moonlight Media

Shoot Locations                 Memphis, TN and Leach, TN

Shoot Dates      March 14, 2020; September 4-6, 2020

Budget                                                                               $7,000

Basic Information

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Logline and Synopsis

A Southern Gothic thriller that follows a homeless woman and a young, upper-middle class girl as their lives tragically intertwine.

ROADKILL takes place over one day in the lives of 17 year old Hannah, an overachiever with dreams of leaving her small Southern town, and Rhonda, a homeless woman fighting for survival. When Hannah gets accepted to her dream college in California, she goes out partying with her boyfriend Dillon. Meanwhile, Rhonda spends the evening scavenging for food, growing increasingly desperate. Neither woman knows that fate will soon tie them together...

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About the Director

Justin T. Malone is a rising Southern filmmaker with an eye for the grotesque, profane, and darkly humorous. Working in the Southern Gothic literary tradition, Justin's films typically focus on working class rural Southerners like the people he grew up around in West Tennessee.

ROADKILL, an expressionistic crime thriller, is Justin's 6th short film. It explores the multiplicity of experiences between the oppressed and the privileged in contemporary Southern society.

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Director's Statement

I grew up in rural Tennessee, in a place where lives are lived hard and short. Through good luck and hard work on my parents’ part, we climbed the social and financial ladder and when I was 14 we moved to an affluent town outside Nashville, a place where teenagers drive luxury cars and dream of escaping from their “oppressive” hometowns.

I don’t care to waste time condemning children who didn’t know better and are probably mostly decent adults now, but I did grow to see something ironic in the way that the people who often have the most derision for “The South” (whatever that means) are the ones who benefit the most from its various inequities—social, racial, and economic.

ROADKILL is a film that seeks to investigate that irony and challenge its viewers to think about the way the middle and upper classes in America often fail and unintentionally victimize the less fortunate.

- Justin T. Malone

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“Stuck in This Town”
Performed by Wasted Highway
Courtesy of Wasted Highway

“Wake Up”
Performed by Daw$on

Courtesy of Palm Tree Entertainment

Performed by Gary
Courtesy of Wasted Productions

“Devil’s Tale” and “Tennessee”
Performed by Mason Jar Fireflies
Courtesy of Adam Neal Gowdy

Performed by Shey Rose
Courtesy of Shey Rose

“Great Things”
Performed by Lo Noom
Courtesy of Andrew Newman



Hannah Inman                                Lauren Gunn
Rhonda                                             Linda Jackson
Dillon                                            Zachary Church
Deputy #1                                              John Sneed
Deputy #2                                     Tamara Wright
Hannah's Mom                                  Joy Murphy
Redneck at Party                                 Lake Cruse

Peyton Colvin                                    Juwan Cross
Anna Gretz                                     Kyah Hawkins
Josh Hostettler                              Jamie Monger
Sammy Morris                            Precious Okoro
Quvilo Sherrod                             Natalie Sowell

Director,                                         Justin T. Malone
Producer,                                       Justin T. Malone
Director of Photography,        Justin T. Malone
Editor,                                             Justin T. Malone
& Co-Writer                                  Justin T. Malone

Co-Writer                                            Bailey Inman
Executive Producer                   O'Shay Foreman
Line Producer                                      Noelle Beard
Unit Production Manager               Nathan Chin
Assistant Director                          Aldo Gonzalez
Script Supervisor                              Cassidy West
Special Effects                            Sydney Balkunas

Camera Operator                           Peyton Pilgrim
1st Assistant Camera              Jason Thibodeaux
2nd Assistant Camera            Andrew Manning
Gaffer                                                  Alex Woodruff
Grip                                                         Walker Crain
Boom Operators            Jordan Vertison-Hardy

Boom Operators                                David Powell
Boom Operators                            Tyler Pilkinton
Sound Mixer                                    Sara McCarthy
Set Photographer                                      L.J. Perry
Production Assistant                           Bex Blande

ADR Mixer                                          Nate Reisman
Re-Recording Mixer                          Daniel Lynn

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